“Thanks for the ‘fully funded’ workshop and everything but…er…remind me again of the relevance to your Programme?”

Anon 2015

Good question. Back in the dark recesses of time (well it was only the back end of 2009 but it seems an age away!) the Programme was established to increase the competitiveness and economic prosperity of SMEs in the region with resource efficiency as the driver.

To achieve these aims for such a broad cross section of businesses requires something of a co-ordinated approach of bespoke business support and more widespread dissemination of best practice. As such, this range of workshops, clinics and events are designed to do just that. Using these offerings to integrate new products processes or thinking into your operations can effect sufficient change to show a deep impact on your entire business, helping you not just survive but thrive!

You will see from a perusal of our case studies that resource efficiency touches most aspects of every business so reviewing and adapting your approach will show tangible benefits. Whether this be using new marketing or sales techniques to maximise sales opportunities, new accounting processes to keep on top of activity or making the most of networking then quite simply it is time that is one’s key resource saved (a valuable commodity indeed). Often secondary benefits such as reduced travel, paperwork and other operating costs are overlooked in such instances.

More obvious Programme links to environmental principles, policies, social value and organisational resilience workshops display the importance of thinking beyond what the bare minimum your company must do. Taking the lead in looking at further-reaching aspects which could disrupt one’s business, supply chains and/or markets helps intercept threats before they arrive and capitalise on the opposition if/when they do!

In short, there are many ways of embedding more sustainable practices into your business so please use these workshops as a catalyst for the changes you (and your customers/stakeholders) need your company to make. Use us whilst we’re still here!

Kind regards,


Rob Robinson

Delivery Manager & Business Energy Advisor 

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