The Low Carbon Business programme came to an end in June 2015. Throughout its 5 year lifespan, the £9.2million funded Low Carbon Business Programme supported 199 start-up businesses, assisted 832 SMEs, and awarded £2.3 million to 560 SMEs through grants. LoCASE (Low Carbon in the South East) is the new ERDF funded programme, supporting businesses all throughout the South East LEP region to improve their carbon efficiency. The programme will provide grants, green business audits, knowledge transfer placements and specialist carbon efficiency ‘STEM’ workshops.

LoCASE offers grant funding up to £10k (as 40% of project costs), examples of the types of grants include; Lighting systems, Heating systems, equipment, software. An initial energy audit will be required to determine your suitability for a grant, and a specialist business energy advisor will meet you at your premises.

To be eligible for the a grant, your business must be;

  • An SME (0-250 employees, and an annual turnover not exceeding €50 million or a balance sheet not exceeding €43 million)
  • Spend the full value of the LoCASE grant on a project taking place within the South East LEP; Thurrock, Southend, Essex, Kent, Medway, East Sussex.
  • Able to secure 60% of the costs of the project in cash from private sector sources before the LoCASE grant agreement is concluded;

Not be engaged in a restricted sector according to the state aid regulations and ERDF requirements. Not have either already exceeded the de minimis state aid limit (€200,000 over three years) or to be in a position where the de minimis state aid limit would be exceeded were the application to be approved.

For any questions about the LoCASE programme, please contact

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