Hello there, me again.

I today arrived back from just 3 days off to be welcomed by over 20 new grant applications from SMEs across the region. Once appraised, this batch (if approved by panel) would exhaust the remaining EU funding currently on offer. In light of demand outstripping the available supply from our dwindling funding reserves, it was thought pertinent to hereby make the point that we now have a very limited capacity to assist (financially) with forthcoming projects.

We are still accepting applications and be on hand to assist with assessing feasibility of projects for you, but will only be allocating funds as and when they become available. This will chiefly be recycled monies from approved projects which do not go ahead. As such, there can be no assurance from here on in that every eligible business which applies (no matter how deserving) will receive our ERDF funding support.

Please do get in contact with the team for further clarification of the above; we will (as ever) endeavour to assist where we can.

Kind regards,

Rob Robinson
Delivery Manager & Business Energy Advisor
Low Carbon Business

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