New Spray Booth for Chelmsford Business

APJ Autos has become the first business in the Chelmsford area to receive a grant from the Low Carbon Business programme. The auto repair centre has used the European carbon reduction grant towards a new spray booth.


Chelmsford garage APJ Autos is the first grant recipient in the area to benefit from the Low Carbon Business grants programme.
The Low Carbon Business programme has been sending staff around industrial estates in Chelmsford in attempt to promote the pot of EU money the programme has available for local businesses. APJ Autos happened to be en route of one of the visits. The firm was looking at purchasing a new spray booth to bring more work in house and expand the operations of the garage. Before meeting the team at Low Carbon Business, APJ Autos were looking at a second hand model.
The team suggested that a grant could be available to the business if it were to invest in a new, more efficient installation rather than a second hand spray booth.
Seizing the opportunity to benefit from the grant, APJ Autos applied for a European Regional Development Funded grant towards the cost of the spray booth through the Low Carbon Business Programme.


The garage was successful in its application and secured a 30% grant towards the cost of the spray booth. APJ Autos spent £12,000 on the installation and Low Carbon Business was able to reimburse 30% towards the cost at £3,600.
As a result of the installation APJ Autos is expecting to save 13.20 tonnes of its CO2 footprint annually as well as cost savings of £4,300. The firm is also expecting to create 2 full time positions as a result of the installation.
APJ Autos is thrilled with the outcome of the project. The main benefit to the business is its ability to spray cars in house rather than transporting them to an outside firm to do it for them, saving time, cash and fuel.

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