Cafe Yemek- New cafe lights up Hadleigh high street

Cafe Yemek- New cafe lights up Hadleigh high street


New café on the block Café Yemek has used a grant from the EU to reduce its carbon footprint and lower its overhead costs.

Café Yemek offers tasty coffee and shelter from the elements for shoppers perusing the boutiques around Hadleigh town centre. The café also has an extensive lunch and evening menu for those looking for a great dining experience.

As part of the transformation from the Baytree café to Café Yemek the new management wanted to make sure the space was run efficiently as possible. Two aspects were looked at in particular. The lighting was to be replaced with more efficient LED spots and the single glazed windows were to be replaced with double glazing.

Café Yemek spoke to Low Carbon Business with aims to getting help towards the project that could dramatically reduce its in house energy consumption.

Low Carbon Business went through the application with Café Yemek, applying for a European Regional Development Grant.


The grant approved by the grants panel and the work went ahead installing the new lighting and double glazing.

The firm paid £4,058.23 for the new project of which Low Carbon Business was able to reimburse 40% £1,628.29.

As a result of the project the café is looking at saving 5,575 kWh per year, which means that the business can expect to see a CO2 reduction of 2.93 tonnes annually as well as cost saving of £690.75.

The café is enjoying the new double glazing which has made the shop warmer throughout the winter months, but also quieter. This means café goers may enjoy a quiet cup of coffee even though they are in the middle of the bustling town centre.

At night the lights can be seen illuminating the warm coffee shop inviting shoppers from Hadleigh to come in and enjoy a nice cup of coffee or a spot of lunch!